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Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Clean Smooth Lines Take Over Traditional Designs

Clean lines, clean Aesthetics round out today's Kitchen Cabinetry Design Trends in Chicago. Stretching into the future of Cabinet Design, less is more is trending and on the minds of our Chicago Renovation Contractors Designers.

These new trendy cabinet designs have lost the ornate designs of traditional cabinet door styles. The simplest design elements offer smooth profiles, simplistic clean lines. The cabinet door handles are low, sleek profiles staying away from attention grabbing handles of the past. These cabinets pair well with modern designed kitchens complimenting kitchen counter top, kitchen flooring, kitchen tiling and your kitchen backsplash.

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Back To Oak Designs

Retro Design in Chicago Kitchen Renovation, and the award goes to... Oak Wood Cabinetry with driftwood finishes among others. This cabinet design style was the design choice of the past. Cathedral Doors highlighted by raised panels with wild grain patterns became the norm in most homes. Many of our Chicago Remodeling Clients are looking for a blast from the past with today's Oak Kitchen Cabinetry Designs and serious attention to vintage kitchen designs.

Dimension, Texture highlight the neutral colors and soft luxury are layered into your Chicago Kitchen Renovation Contractors Design creating balance and soft appeal. Oak Kitchen Cabinetry, even with our issues with the past styles, are becoming a very demanding option in Chicago Kitchen Remodeling. Chicago Kitchen Designers working with Manufacturers Cabinetry Designers are creating some very interesting door designs that our Kitchen Renovation Clients are clamoring for, colors of Grey's, Blues and Black are favorites among Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Designers.

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Kitchen Cabinet Trends, Oak Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Trends 2020, Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

White Kitchen Cabinets

Out of Style?

While the White Kitchen will probably never go completely out of style, there are some kitchen trends for 2020 that still incorporate the white kitchen. Natural Wood mixed with white kitchens will lead us into 2020. 

Trending along with White Kitchen Cabinets is colors that pop. Mixing colors into your 'not' all white kitchen is a great way to make a statement. Kitchen Islands are also becoming color friendly, greys, blues and greens are popular color choices for kitchen island cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends, Kitchen Trends 2020, Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Open Kitchen Cabinets

Open kitchen cabinets designs are growing in popularity, especially in smaller homes and smaller condo units. Kitchen Renovation Clients like the idea of having their fine dinner ware front and center.  

For those who enjoy the minimalism ways, the open kitchen cabinets are perfect. Glass panel kitchen cabinet fronts replace what used to be the 'China Cabinet'. Open front kitchen cabinets are designed to give you the appearance of more space, using brighter lighting enhances the modern kitchen look.