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Hidden Appliances In The Kitchen

Trending strong into kitchen trends 2020 - the hidden kicthen appliance trend for your kitchen renovation.

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How your kitchen renovation is designed can be a factor into how little or how much you can use this kitchen remodeling option of hidden kitchen appliances as well as where you can use it.

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Instead of hiding your kitchen appliances you can build kitchen appliances right into the cabinetry and walls. Your Kitchen Island can also hold built-in kitchen appliances. 

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Hiding Appliances 

Dream Kitchen Renovation Ideas

This can really give you the look you like in your dream kitchen renovation. Hiding appliances can give the illusion of more space or have your friends asking... how do you cook. Hiding smaller appliances can be just as rewarding in your kitchen remodeling project as these smaller appliances can clutter up your kitchen renovation. All of these option can be incorporated into your Outdoor Kitchen as well. Your Hidden Kitchen Appliance will be a highlight of your kitchen renovation.

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Where To Hide Kitchen Appliances 

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry can be a great way to hid your kitchen appliances, this will give your kitchen renovation the look and style you desire for your dream kitchen remodeling. Hiding kitchen appliances in your Kitchen Island can give you the same options and in your kitchen cabinets, this is another great kitchen renovation option that our kitchen design specalists can discuss with you. If you have a nice sized kitchen you can plan and design your kitchen renovation with a larger kitchen island to hold many kitchen remodeling trend ideas.

Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Building in Appliances

Building in your kitchen appliances instead of hidden kitchen appliances is another kitchen trend option for your kitchen renovation project. You custom kitchen cabintery can be designed to contain just about all of your kitchen appliances, from your stove, steam oven to your refrigerator. 

Use your kitchen island for built-in refrigerators, steam ovens, dishwashers, waste disposal and microwaves.

URB Kitchen Remodeling Design Team is here to help our clients create the ultimate dream kitchen renovation.

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