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Cork Kitchen Flooring -

This Green-Resource kitchen flooring is renewable, having been around for many decades it is becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendlly alternative. Grown primarily in the Mediterainian, Cork comes from the cork oak tree's bark, it can be harvested from living trees that are planted for commercial materials. The cork that has been harvested is then ground, compressed being formed into sheets and boned with eco-friendly resins.

Cork is extremely trendy, having it's positives and can be installed just about every where in your home. Becoming aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of cork kitchen flooring is important in your kitchen floor design decision.

Cork kitchen flooring is trending fashionable in Chicago Kitchen Renovation. Cork kitchen flooring is installed by planks, sheets or tiles, depending on the style and design you choose.

Advantages of Cork Flooring -

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Good Insulator
  • Heat Bill Friendly
  • Can be Refinished
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial Properties
  • Easier Installation
  • Easy to Maintain 

Cork's soft, pillowy surface is one of the best aspects about cork kitchen flooring. The feeling on your bare toes and feet, well, you will love it. Cork kitchen flooring has become increasingly popular in Chicago kitchen Renovations as you are standing for long periods of time. Cork acts as a very good natural  sound barrier, going as far as reducing your heating bills and is not the worst thing if you trip, fall or drop something. 

Periodic refinishing of Cork Flooring is a great advantage with cork kitchen flooring. Just as you "wood" with a hardwood floor, giving it a fresh new kitchen floor look. The Cork Flooring must be sanded past the point of imperfections, we then stain the cork flooring or we can apply a finish sealer to the surface for the natural cork look. All depending on the thickness of the cork kitchen flooring, this process can be repeated several times.

Cork Kitchen Flooring has a tendacy to repel hair, dust and other potentially allergens from its surface. Cork flooring produces a higher indoor air quality and can be a blessing for those with extreme allergies.

Cork, being completely naturally recurring is easily replenished and the most eco-friendly kitchen flooring available today. The bark of the cork tree grows back every few years which means we are saving trees for our kitchen flooring needs. Cork will break down at the end of it life cycle as it is a  biodegradable material.

Containing a wax like substance, suberin, this give Cork Flooring the ability to naturally repell insects and small creatures. Being resistant to the growth and colonization of organisms promotes a heathful enviroment.

Installing  Cork Kitchen Flooring is easier as you do not need to apply a layer of mortar first. Finishing you Cork Flooring is done with several layers of sealer. Using Cork KitchenTiles make for easy replacement without extremely high costs.

Cork must be installed correctly with many layers of high quality water barrier sealer being applied to the surface, this will make your new kitchen floor easy to maintain. Vacuuming and sweeping to remove particles of dirt and grit is the only requirement for cleaning, besides wiping up spills to avoid staining.

If you are looking for the perfect floor, Cork Kitchen Flooring may not be the kitchen flooring for your home renovation project. Being the perfect floor for your feet may not relate to other areas of your senses. Pretty easy to damage, kid's, puppy's, kittens can all have a begative effect on your cork flooring. Dropping sharp objects can punture the floor, while thin chair legs or leaning back in your chair can damage the cork kitchen floor.

Extremely heavy appliances and tables may sink into the cork flooring. Causing divots in your kitchen cork flooring material. This makes it difficult to rearrange or to move at a later time. Placing Furniture Coasters underneath legs will help this issue.

Big, heavy dogs and cats that scratch will be an almost instant problem. It helps to keep their nails trimmed, ultimately, your pets will damage your cork kitche floor.

We create an invisible barrier by sealing the cork kitchen floor, this gives your kitchen floor the most protection possible against water staining and damage. This is not 100% perfectly sealed. If the room gets flooded or large amounts of water seepinto the flooring it will most likely warp and discolor. Extreme humidity is a major cause for Cork Kitchen Tiles to pop out, plump out or curl.

Cork Kitchen Flooring can fade with direct sunlight, when allowed direct beams every day. This can cause discolorization in the cork tile with a different color hue. You can stop this process by using curtains, blinds or shades in your kitchen.

Disadvantages of Cork Flooring -

  • Relatively Easy to Damage
  • Permanent Indentation
  • Animal Scratches
  • Liquid Staining
  • Fading