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URB Remodeling Contractors is more than Chicago's Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. Our Complete Line of Award Winning Chicago Remodeling Contractor Services is available to our clients. Voted Chicago's Top Remodeling Contractor 2018 because of our unique dedication to our clients and superior quality craftsmanship.

Being a Chicago Remodeling Contractor since 1988 means we have satisfied our clients for almost 35 years. 

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URB Remodeling Contractors are Chicago's Most Referred Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Chicago's Leading Renovation Contractor

Serving Chicago's Neighborhoods since 1988 means a lot to us. We pride ourselves that our kitchen remodeling clients have trusted us for over 30 years. It is more than just our clients trusting URB Kitchen Remodeling, our kitchen renovation clients see our dedication, experience, craftsmanship and it shows in our kitchen renovation projects. Loyalty to URB Kitchen Remodeling Contractors is far and wide throughout Chicago and Chicago Neighborhoods as we have been Chicago's Most Referred Remodeling Contractor for so long we lost track. 

URB Kitchen Renovation Contractors is more than kitchen remodeling. URB is Chicago's Leading Home Renovation Contractor, ask your neighbors who renovated their homes, chances are that you will hear 'URB Remodeling Contractors in Chicago'. Bathroom Renovation, Condo Renovation, Commercial Remodeling, Basement Renovation and Condo Laundry Room Renovation are just a few of the services that URB Remodeling Contractors provides our clients.

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Serving Chicago Neighborhoods Since 1988

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